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Everyone who goes to Vermont comes back a hippie, including the neighbor’s shih tzu

January 17, 2011

Our landladies Karin and Kathy, who also happen to be our dear friends and upstairs neighbors, recently returned from a month-long trip to Cambodia. In their absence, Jenn and I took care of Daisy, their teenaged daughter’s guinea pig, while Sasha, the rottweiler with the eating disorder, stayed with friends in East Boston, and Nemo, the shih tzu, went with Karin’s sister to Vermont.

Now, I’m not one to encourage stereotypes of any sort, but I’ve heard that Vermont is full of hippies. And since Karin drinks lots of herbal tea and has been known to wear Birkenstocks with hand-knitted wool socks, AND her niece lives in a treehouse, I can’t say I was all that surprised when Nemo came home sporting a cooler full of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and a beard that would make Pete Seeger proud.

It took me all afternoon to groom him, and he’s far from perfect, but he looks slightly less old-man-of-the-mountain now. I used a blue snap-on comb for his body and scissored his face and legs.

Someday I will have a real grooming table.

We’re still not allowed to do faces in school (they want us to perfect our bodies before tackling heads), which means I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing when it comes to trimming anything above the neck. Nonetheless, I did my best to give Nemo a puppy cut. Next time I groom him, though, I’d like to soften his cheeks a little–round them out and make them less blocky.

Better... but next time, a little more off the sides.

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